2-Port Transmission Measurement Guide : 2-port Transmission Measurement (Option 21) : Measurements
This section shows how to use the instrument to make 2-port measurements of Tower Mounted Amplifiers and duplexers.
Tower Mounted Amplifier Measurement
The procedure below describes how to use the instrument and the internal bias tee (option 10) to make a 2-port measurement of the Rx band of a Simplex 1850 to 1990 MHz Tower Mounted Amplifier (refer to Figure: Setup for 2-port Measurement to Verify Gain of a TMA and Figure: Display Confirming the Gain of a TMA).
1. Press the Menu or Mode key and select Transmission Measurement.
2. Press the Freq main menu key and set the start and stop frequencies
3. Connect a cable to RF Out and a second cable to RF In.
4. Open the Calibration menu by pressing Shift then the Calibrate (2) key.
5. Verify that the Power Level is set to Low. Note that the power level should always be set to low when making gain measurements of active devices such as tower mounted amplifiers.
6. Press the Start Cal key and follow instructions on the display.
After the calibration is complete, the status display message in the upper-left of the display should show “TM Cal On”.
The trace should be flat at the zero dB reference line and ready for measurements.
7. Connect the cable connected to RF Out to the ANT port of the TMA.
8. Connect the cable connected to RF In to the Rx/Tx port of the TMA.
9. Press the Measure main menu key, then the Bias Tee submenu key. Confirm that the Bias Tee is On.
10. Press the Marker main menu key. Select a marker and move it to the desired frequency and verify the gain of the TMA. Refer to Marker Menu for additional information on using markers.
Setup for 2-port Measurement to Verify Gain of a TMA
Display Confirming the Gain of a TMA