Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : T-Series Tracking Generator : CW Generator Overview
CW Generator Overview
These Tracking Generator options include a CW Generator. The CW Signal Generator provides a continuous wave (CW) signal from the GENERATOR/RF OUT port of the instrument.
The following example displays the generator CW signal on the instrument display.
1. Connect a THROUGH cable between the RF OUT and RF In connectors as shown in Figure: Through Cable Setup Example
Through Cable Setup Example
2. Set the Mode to Spectrum Analyzer. Refer to General Information for details.
3. Preset the instrument (Shift+1 > Preset).
4. Set the spectrum analyzer frequency range using the Frequency (Freq) menu and submenus. Refer to the Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide (10580‑00349) for additional information.
5. Press the Shift key, then the Measure (4) key. Press the Generator key.
6. Press the Output Power button and set the output power (at the output connector before any external attenuation).
7. Set the Generator Mode to CW and set the CW Frequency.
Confirm that the CW Frequency is set within the spectrum analyzer span, or the signal will not be displayed on the instrument.
8. Turn Generator Output On. The output power turns on at the level that has been set previously with the Output Power key.
9. Figure: CW Output Example displays the CW output at 1 GHz frequency and 0.0 dBm power. Refer to Generator Menu for additional information.
CW Output Example