Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I update the instrument firmware?
Q. What is that Globe icon?
Q. My touchscreen is not responding
Q. There is an arrow cursor on the screen. How do I remove it?
Q. How do I enable standby mode?
Q. How do I shut down completely?
Q. I pressed the power button but the power LED is slowly flashing on and off. Why?
Q. What do these icons mean, and why do some of them change or disappear?
Q. What is Advanced Mode?
Q. What is Classic Mode?
Q. How do I select Classic Mode, and how can I tell what mode I am in?
Q. Why do many of the icons disappear in Classic Mode?
Q. How do I switch modes?
Q. My cable type does not show up in the cable list. What can I do?
Q. I saved a measurement with more than 517 points but when I open it with HHST, there are only 517 points.
Q. I uploaded a .dat file from my PC to the S820E using Line Sweep Tools but when I try to recall it I cannot see the preview display.
Q. What is easyTest Tools™?
Q. What is the icon on the Menu screen?
Q. Can I use my E series easyTest files (*.ett) with the S820E?
Q. How do I update the instrument firmware?
A: To update your Anritsu instrument firmware, use a high quality USB memory device with at least 250 MB of free space and FAT32 file system format.
1. Insert the memory device into your PC or laptop.
2. From a browser, go to the following Anritsu Products page.
3. On the product page, press the Downloads button.
4. Under the Drivers/Firmware/Software tab, you can optionally follow the Firmware Revision/Release History link to download a document detailing current and past firmware changes.
5. Click on the link Firmware Update for the Site Master S820E.
6. Click the Download button, then choose Save or Save As to download the installer to your PC. Do not run the executable file directly from the Web page.
7. Go to the Save location designated in Step 6 and double-click the installer file, Model_Ver_USBLoader.exe, then click Run.
8. In the Firmware Update dialog, click to view, then accept the software license agreement.
9. Click Browse and select the Removable Disk drive where the USB device is inserted.
10. Click Prepare USB Memory Stick to create the firmware update USB device.
11. After the firmware update tool has finished, click through the final steps in the Firmware Update dialog to close the installer program.
12. Eject the memory device from the computer.
The file structure created on the USB memory device by the installer program is necessary for a successful firmware update and must not be altered in any way.
13. Insert the USB memory device into the test instrument.
14. Make sure the Site Master is plugged into an AC power source and not running on battery alone. Turn on the instrument if it is currently off.
15. Press Preset (1) > Reset.
16. Press Update Firmware. A message will appear indicating which version is currently installed and which version was found on the USB stick.
17. Press Continue to begin the update process. The instrument will copy and execute the firmware files and will reboot once completed.