S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Calibration, VNA : Calibration Procedures
Calibration Procedures
In Vector Network Analyzer Mode, calibration is required when the test port cable or adapters have been changed or when no valid calibration is available (Cal Status --). The following sections describe how to perform calibrations.
If a Test Port Extension Cable is to be used (this is recommended), then it must be connected to the Site Master before calibration.
Calibration Procedure
1. Press the Freq/Dist main menu key and enter the appropriate frequency range.
2. In the Sweep menu, set the source power level.
3. Press the Calibration main menu key, then press Start Calibration.
4. Press Cal Setup to make changes to the setup as needed (refer to Calibration Setup).
5. Press Measure and follow the on screen instructions (see Figure: Calibration Dialog Box for Coax).
6. Verify that the calibration has been completed by confirming that the Cal Status message is now displaying “Cal: OK”. The calibration correction factor will then be applied to the measurements.
7. The calibration factors can be turned Off with the Cal Correction button. The calibration coefficients are saved and can be reapplied by setting Cal Correction back to On.
Figure: Calibration Dialog Box for Coax shows the Calibration dialog box illustrating calibration setup and calibration steps. On‑screen instructions are given for each step.
Calibration Dialog Box for Coax
Save and Recall Calibration Coefficients
Calibration information is included when a setup (.stp) file is saved (even if the Cal Correction is Off). The calibration information is recalled with a setup file and can be applied if the current internal instrument temperature is within the saved calibration window.
Calibration information is not included when a measurement (.svna) file is saved.