S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Instrument Overview : Touchscreen Display Overview : Dual Display Format
Dual Display Format
The S820E Microwave Site Master can display two different measurements simultaneously by setting the Display Format to Dual and then selecting the measurement to display.
Advanced measurements can be combined with Standard measurements.
Not all measurement combinations may be supported by Line Sweep Tools. Refer to the Line Sweep Tools Help menu for more information.
Different Amplitudes, Limit Lines, and Markers can be set for each display. If the Marker Table is turned On in Dual Display Mode, then the markers for only the active display are shown in the table.
Setting Single or Dual Display
1. Press the Measurement main menu key.
2. Toggle the Display Format submenu key so that it is set to Dual.
Saving Measurements in Dual Display
When saving a file while in dual display mode, both traces are saved in a single measurement file. The default filename will contain references to both trace types, but you can change the name, as with any file. Refer to File Name.
3. Change the active measurement by toggling the Active Display key or touching the display directly. The red outline around the graph indicates the active display.
Dual Display Format with Bottom Display Active
4. To maximize either the top display or bottom display while still in Dual display format, tap the magnifying glass symbol in the upper‑right corner of either graph. The graph maximizes, and the magnifying glass symbol changes from a (+) to a (–).
5. Figure: Dual Display Format with Bottom Display Maximized shows the Bottom graph maximized. Tapping on the magnifying glass restores the dual display.
Dual Display Format with Bottom Display Maximized