S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : System Operations : Screen Shot Capture
Screen Shot Capture
The Site Master can capture a bit mapped image of the display in Portable Network Graphics (.png) format using the Camera icon,.
The file is automatically named based on the instrument model and measurement type. Screen shot files are saved to the instrument’s internal memory in the ScrnShots folder (Drive : Internal | ScrnShots).
The number keypad can be used to save a screen shot by pressing and holding the Shift key while pressing the period (.) key, then the +/– key.
The look of the saved screen shot is set in this location: System (8) > System Setups > Display/Audio > ScrnShot Settings. Refer to the Display/Audio Menu for details. Figure: Screen Shot Settings is an example of the same measurement saved with different screen shot settings.
Measurements can also be saved as screen shots using the File (7) menu then Save and setting the Filetype to ScreenShot. Screen shots saved through the File Save Menu will be saved in the current save directory. Refer to File Management for additional information.
Screen Shot Settings