S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Video Inspection Probe (VIP) : VIP Menus
VIP Menus
Figure: VIP Menu Map illustrates the menus available in VIP Mode. The main menu keys appear at the bottom of the display screen. The Save/Recall key brings up the same File menu as does the keypad menu key File (1).
VIP Menu Map
Setup Menu
Key Sequence: Setup
VIP Setup Menu
Probe Model
This submenu key shows the currently selected probe model. Press the key to display the list of supported VIP models from which you can select.
Tip Type
Press this submenu key to display the Tip Type selection box. Use the rotary knob or the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight the appropriate probe tip, then press Enter to save the setting. See Table: Probe Tip Types for a list and description of possible selections.
To close the Tip Type dialog without making a change, press the Esc key.
Test Profile
Press this submenu key to select a profile that matches the type of fiber being tested. Use the rotary knob or the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight the appropriate probe tip, then press Enter to save the setting. See Figure: VIP Test Profile Selection Box.
Auto Analyze On/Off
When set to On, the fiber endface image is automatically analyzed following capture. Select Auto Analyze Off if you want to view the image before manually executing the analysis.
Auto Filename On/Off
If Auto Filename is On, the file naming scheme currently defined in the Auto Filename Settings dialog is applied when you press the Save icon. With Auto Filename Off, pressing the Save icon opens the Save dialog the same way as pressing Save under the File menu would.
Auto Filename Settings
Press this submenu key to open a dialog box where you can preset the location and name of files to be saved. See Figure: Auto Filename Settings Dialog. You can define a prefix (VIP is the factory default) and set the starting number from which file numbering will increment. You may also choose to include the current date in the file name, in the format DDMMYYY. For example:
Measurement Menu
Key Sequence: Measurement
VIP Measurement Menu
In Live mode, the instrument displays a live view of the connector endface. Use the control on the probe to adjust the focus. The image cannot be panned or zoomed until it is captured.
Press this submenu key to capture the currently displayed image, which you may then zoom and pan, using the rotary knob and arrow keys. The message “File Not Saved” is displayed at the top of the screen until you save the image and/or the measurement results.
Press this submenu key to start analysis of the VIP image. The overall Pass/Fail result is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. If the Results Table setting is Auto, a table showing detailed results of the VIP test is also displayed.
Results Table Auto/Off
This submenu key toggles on and off the table of detailed VIP test results. When set to Auto, the table will appear only when there are analysis results to display.
Overlay On/Off
Press this submenu key to turn on and off the colored circles showing the analysis areas and to highlight any scratches and defects on the connector endface:
Green – Unimportant scratches and contaminations
Red – Serious scratches and contaminations that may impact signal quality
Zoom Control Help
Press this submenu key to display a Help message with instructions on how to zoom and pan the image. Press Dismiss to close the message box.
File Menu
Key Sequence: Save/Recall
File Menu
Press this key to open the Save dialog (Figure: Save Dialog Box). This function is the same as pressing the keypad menu key Save (7).
You can choose to save the VIP image and analysis results, the VIP image alone, or the current display screen. See Figure: VIP File Type.
Press this submenu key to open a previously saved VIP measurement file (.vipi extension) or VIP image (.png extension). Refer to Recall a VIP Measurement (VIP Mode Only). Note that a captured screen shot of the display cannot be recalled and analyzed.
File Mgmt
Press this submenu key to display the File Mgmnt Menu. This menu contains basic file management functions including renaming files or folders, creating folders, copying, pasting, and deleting files or folders. Many of the file management functions are duplicated in the Save and Recall menus for user convenience.
Report Menu
Key Sequence: Report
VIP Report Menu
Header Settings
Press this submenu key to enter or change report header information. Refer to VIP Reporting.
Generate Report
This submenu key opens the Generate Report dialog, where you can enter the report name, select the destination location, and select what data to include:
Analysis Results – Overall Pass/Fail result
Analysis Details – Detailed results by analysis area
Current Results – Image and analysis results of currently displayed VIP measurement
Additional VIPI Files – Previously saved measurement data