S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Classic Mode Operation
Classic Mode Operation
Classic Mode and Advanced Mode
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The Site Master S820E provides a “Classic” Cable and Antenna Analyzer measurement mode which emulates the user interface from the Anritsu Site Master ‘D’ series of instruments. This emulation is intended to help users of the S820E follow existing carrier Method of Procedure (MOP) documents that specify an earlier Site Master model.
To provide quick and easy familiarity with the Site Master user interface, many of the advanced features such as Dual Screen display, Smith Chart, Phase, and multi‑segmented limits, are purposely removed while in Classic Mode. Please switch to Advanced Mode to access these useful features when desired.
Refer to Figure: Comparison of “Classic” Mode vs. “Advanced” Mode for a comparison of Site Master S820E “Classic” vs. “Advanced” Cable & Antenna modes.
Use the Menu key and confirm that the instrument is in “Classic” Cable‑Antenna Analyzer mode before continuing.
Classic Mode is always displayed above the measurement type when the instrument is in “Classic” mode.
Refer to Cable and Antenna Measurements for a complete overview of the instrument GUI. This chapter summarizes the differences between “Classic” mode and the “Advanced” S820E Cable and Antenna mode.
Screen images in this User Guide are illustrations of typical instrument features. Some images may include instruments other than the Site Master S820E. Traces and other display features may differ from the screen displays of your instrument.