S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : VNA Mode : Display Capabilities
Display Capabilities
The vector network analyzer has a flexible display capability that allows single, dual, tri, and quad displays, meaning that you can subdivide the measurement display area into 2, 3, or 4 sections. In addition, the vector network analyzer supports the display of up to four traces in each single, dual, tri, or quad display. Becoming familiar with these flexible display capabilities is important before you begin any calibrations and measurements.
Flexible Features For Displaying Results
If you are not yet familiar with the menus that control trace display, then refer to the Measurement Menu and the Trace Menu“. To select the Measurement menu in VNA Mode, press the Measurement main menu key (you must be in VNA Mode for this example).
Perform the following steps to observe the trace format features:
1. The default view (after preset) uses Trace Format = Quad with Number of Traces = 4. Refer to Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4.
Format = Quad, Traces = 4
2. Beginning with the default view, set Trace Format = Single, with Number of Traces = 4. Notice how all 4 traces are overlaid on a single graph. Refer to Figure: Format = Single, Traces = 4.
Format = Single, Traces = 4
3. Next, set Trace Format = Dual. Note how the 4 traces are assigned to the split display. TR1 (Trace 1) and TR3 are assigned to the top graph. TR2 and TR4 are assigned to the bottom graph. Refer to Figure: Format = Dual, Traces = 4.
Format = Dual, Traces = 4
4. Next change Trace Format to Tri. Note how the 4 traces are assigned on this display. TR3 and TR4 are now overlaid in the bottom half of the display area. Refer to Figure: Format = Tri, Traces = 4.
Format = Tri, Traces = 4
5. Now return to the default display of Trace Format = Quad. Change the Number of Traces from 4 to 1. Note how the top left quadrant is filled, while the other three quadrants have no data. Refer to Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 1.
Format = Quad, Traces = 1
6. Increment the number of traces from 1 back to 4 and note how the vector network analyzer adds the additional traces to the display. Refer to Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4 (same as Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4). (Note that Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4 and Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4 (same as Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4) are the same measurement illustration.)
Format = Quad, Traces = 4 (same as Figure: Format = Quad, Traces = 4)
At this point, the display is back to the default setting of Quad with 4 traces. Regardless of the Trace Format that is selected, the number of traces that are displayed is controlled by the Number of Traces submenu key. For a brief description, refer to the examples in section Trace Format and Number of Traces.