Rubidiumâ„¢ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Overview : Menu Buttons
Menu Buttons
There main menu buttons are shown in Figure: Main Menu Buttons.
Main Menu Buttons
Contains the frequency control settings: FREQUENCY, and PRESETS menus. See FREQUENCY Menu.
LEVEL: Contains the level control settings: LEVEL, SETUP, ATTENUATOR, OFFSET, and PRESETS menus. See LEVEL Menu.
Contains the Automatic Level Control (ALC) control settings: LOOP CONTROL, POWER SEARCH, and USER CAL menus. See ALC Menu.
Contains the sweep menu: SUMMARY, STEP, LIST, and LEVEL. See SWEEP Menu.
Contains the Modulation control settings: AMPLITUDE, FREQUENCY, PHASE, and PULSE menus. See Modulation.
Contains the System menu control settings: SETUPS, REFERENCE, CONFIG, INCREMENT, and RESET menus. The REFERENCE menu contains the reference oscillators calibration menu. See System Menu.