Rubidiumâ„¢ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Operation : Starting a Step Sweep
Starting a Step Sweep
Step sweep is initiated when the trigger sweep button is pressed as described below.
The TRIGGER menu is shown in Figure: SWEEP TRIGGER Menu.
Press to display the trigger types: Auto, Single, External, Manual, and Remote shown in Figure: TRIGGER TYPES.
Step Sweep
Toggle step sweep on or off.
Trigger Sweep
Trigger a single sweep. Enabled only in single sweep trigger mode. When TRIGGER is set to Manual Sweep, the TRIGGER POINT button is enabled. See List Mode Sweep Trigger Types.
Set the sweep type to generate. Press the TRIGGER button to display the sweep types shown in Figure: Press Sweep Trigger.
Press Sweep Trigger
Press the question mark icon to display the TRIGGER TYPES dialog shown in Figure: TRIGGER TYPES. The dialog provides a description of the sweep trigger types.
User Selections
Auto (Automatic): The sweep continually sweeps from the start frequency to the stop frequency with optimal retrace time.
External: The sweep recurs when triggered by an external TTL-compatible clock pulse to the rear panel AUX I/O connector, pin 13. The external sweep initiates when the TRIGGER SWEEP button is pressed.
Single: A single sweep starts when the TRIGGER SWEEP button is pressed. If a sweep is in progress when the trigger button is pressed, the current sweep aborts, goes to ramp rest, and waits for another trigger.
Manual: Single point on an up/down button, knob, bus trigger or external trigger.
Initiate Step Sweep
To initiate an Auto or External sweep
1. Press Trigger Type
2. Press Auto or External sweep.
3. Press the Step Sweep button to activate the sweep.
To initiate a Single sweep
1. Press Trigger Type
2. Press Single
3. Press TRIGGER SWEEP to activate the sweep. A single sweep is initiated each time the TRIGGER SWEEP button is pressed.
To initiate a Manual Sweep:
In manual sweep frequency mode, TRIGGER POINT button is displayed. Trigger Point is described in section TRIGGER SWEEP/TRIGGER POINT. The output frequency can be manually tuned in phase-locked steps between the selected start and stop frequencies using the cursor control keys or rotary data knob. As the knob is turned or the cursor control, the current output frequency is incremented by the step size and displayed on the data display. The step size or number of points between the start and stop frequencies are controlled from the STEP SWEEP menu shown in Figure: Step Sweep SETUP Menu.